Ty Harris is a creative with a background in strategy, and content production. He hails from a small town in Alabama but currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a Content Strategist for one of the most iconic agencies in the world, TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Ty values human interaction in a digital age. Above all, this stands at the center of why he creates. A human experience is what connects a community to go beyond the sidewalk to shake hands, it’s what links a brand to its consumers, and it’s what inspires him day in and day out. 



He believes that diversity and an authentic lens is important when representing all communities that influence today’s brands. He creates narratives that encourage all cultures to relate to one another through empowerment, empathy and compassion, which in turn connects us as humans and makes us better communicators.




A brand is more than a product or a service — it is a story integrated into the lives of consumers. Ty's strategy is to analyze data and develop solutions based on your brands marketing plans, defining the brand elements and tone.




He develops concepts to overcome the challenges your brand has faced while building a solid foundation for your business. He specializes in creative direction and aligns it with your brands overall marketing and campaign goals.



Film is a mysterious and highly personal landscape for Ty - He wants you to be enveloped by beauty and to come face to face with the human experience, giving us space to live inside the complexity that often brings us closer together.


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Ty is highly accustomed to serving clients remotely, and today's technology makes communicating easier than ever. His Creative Google Hangout will include everything you need to bring a brand to life including; a deck, creative strategy and creative direction. This service is best for clients who are not based in Los Angeles or for individuals who enjoy being in the comfort of their own space while tackling a few hands-on activities.

Remember, Ty will be there every step of the way!

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Creative Strategy / Film, Website & Event Presentation

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nike studio

Digital Strategy / Creative Direction / Content Creation

Ty’s creative direction for the Nike Run App was inspired by their tagline, “your perfect running partner.” After looking at Apple’s signature screensaver of Yosemite, the idea sparked. Like most stock backgrounds, they are the perfect imagery of places most people only experience in fantasy. Ty made that dream a reality so that each runner would feel limitless with Nike. No matter where you are or who you are with, Nike is there to encourage you to keep on running.

Brand Strategy / Creative Direction / Content Creation

Ty led and executed an internal audit over Open Legacy that highlighted areas of improvement including, branding, digital and social for their upcoming launch. The project began with a strategy consultation focusing on their brand story to construct an explicit course for their visuals. Ty’s goal was to update Open Legacy’s key messages and translate their core values into a film series that resonates with, and inspires their audience to create their Own Legacy. 

Brand Strategy / Creative Direction / Campaign Direction / Content Creation / Web UX

One Over One was designed with a minimalistic mindset and their makeup products are clean, simple, and designed to compliment the effortless beauty of a woman’s everyday life. Ty kept minimalism, nature, and health in mind during every aspect of the project to create an honest translation to user-experience. He provided campaign direction, video and photo services for Web UX and social that led users through an immersive self-care journey.

Content Strategy / Creative Direction / Content Creation / Interior Design / Event Production

Adidas asked Ty to create and direct a workshop for their sponsored @adidaswomen Fitness X athletes event with Match MG. The goal for this project was to present and capture an activity that the athletes could take home to remember this event as a day of growth and self-care. Once their workout was complete, the women built everlasting terrariums and received video and photo content to share with their audience.   

Content Strategy / Creative Direction / Content Creation

Ilan Dei Studio asked Ty to develop and produce content for their website and social media to give an all new make-over for their visual marketing. Through a comprehensive brand audit and workshop Ty worked with Ilan Dei to develop a strong visual identity that resonated with their established audience. After building the personality, he was able to develop a clear visual direction leading with a visual series resulting in a powerful experience through campaign and various digital media platforms.