Very inspired by @jamesacai and how he expresses himself and his identity. It was surprising to find out that James and I come from two different countries and backgrounds but have a ton in common. We got a chance to discuss art, life and happiness, we also talked about the challenges of being a black male in the creative world. But, what’s so unique about James is that he has created a really interesting art form out of his masculinity. It’s amazing how he’s able to display and balance power, grace and grit all so beautifully. Here’s a portrait of him 🎬
Go check out his work: @jamesacai


Communication is one of the things that sets us apart as beings, one of the things that essentially defines us as humans. But, sometimes it can be difficult to articulate exactly what’s on our mind. @maceopaisley is great example of a thinker and doer. He doesn’t spend all day in his head, thinking about what to say, he just says what he feels and sometimes challenges his own beliefs. Big ups to folks like him who inspire others to get out of their own way. Head over to his page to see proof 🎬 @maceopaisley

@lordnalige is an incredible dude. I’m not saying that because of his unique look or his ability to completely kill a shoot, but by the way he’s able to balance being a nurse, musician, model and photographer, it’s really impressive. He’s quite, but when he speaks, every word is well said. We talked about the importance of friendships and how nothing can be accomplished alone. His secret to staying grounded is taking the time to re-connect with himself daily and investing his time in people who are going to the destination he is wanting to go 😤 I’m lucky to meet you brother.
Go check out his work: @lordnalige 🎬🎬